Our comprehensive services are intended to cover all aspects of a path project from initial definition through to construction.

  • Community engagement
    • Community Consultation
    • Community Engagement
    • Stakeholder management
  • Behaviour change
    • Equality Impact Assessment
    • Facilitating Behaviour Change
  • Landowner relations
    • Landowner negotiations
    • ‘Principled negotiation’ technique
    • Landowner agreements
  • Technical services
    • Detailed field & topographical survey
    • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) capability
    • CAD capability
  • Design & Engineering
    • Paths Feasibility Study
    • Route Options Appraisal
    • Utility surveys
    • Design of path, crossings, signage and facilities
    • Project costing and scheduling
  • Construction Safety
    • Designers Risk Register
    • Principal Designer role under CDM 2015
    • Pre Construction Information File

Low carbon design solutions

Our holistic approach extends to the solutions we propose. We are acutely aware of the environmental overheads of all construction projects, even if their purpose is to reduce greenhouse gases. 

For example since 2007 we have been specifying recycled construction materials where they can perform adequately, and we carefully consider the environmental impact of equipment and materials that we specify.